Plastic Shaft Collars

When people think of collars, they often don’t think of plastic as the material of choice because metal is more commonly used. Plastic collars have proven service benefits in many applications and are a lighter-weight component that generally reduces heat. Engineering plastics are increasingly used in industry due to their versatility and relatively low-cost performance. More specifically, plastic collars have been used in the power transmission industry since the 1990s. SSJ offers a wide range of high-quality plastic collars for a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications.
Material Options:
Nylon – Strong, Stiff, Abrasive
Acetal – strong, rigid, wide temperature range, high performance, excellent wear resistance
UHMW – stress/crack resistant, abrasion resistant, economical
Delrin® – extremely strong, precise, hard, excellent wear resistance
Our most popular primary plastic collar choice is UHMW plastic; its properties have proven to be the best choice for general and industrial use. We stock plastic collars in standard sizes but can also produce collars in custom sizes and materials.

Standard aperture range: 1″ – 4″
Standard OD size range: 6″ – 8″
Standard configuration: 1″

Plastic Shaft Collars

Plastic Shaft Collars

One-piece plastic collar

The plastic one-piece shaft “single-split” collar distributes the clamping force evenly by wrapping itself around the shaft, which means you get a tight fit and better retention without damaging the shaft as set screws can. With an easily removable collar and adjustable height, this style fits almost any shoe.

Two-Piece Plastic Collar

Using a two-piece “twin” plastic collar offers the same benefits as a one-piece, but with added versatility and ease of transport. The split design collars are easy to install and remove, like split sprockets, reducing downtime and man-hours. The two-set screw design utilizes full-set screw torque to apply an evenly distributed force around the circumference of the shaft. A two-piece plastic collar provides superior clamping force compared to a one-piece.

Set Screw Plastic Collar

Set screw “solid” plastic collars are best suited for shafting and are made of a softer material than 303 stainless steel set screws (240 Vickers/19 Rockwell C). However, our collars commonly use forged socket set screws, which have an even higher hardness rating than non-wrought 303 stainless steel and allow for greater torque capacity for improved retention.