China Professional Casting Parts with CNC Process Bearing Shaft 5m5004 d bore shaft collar

Product Description

Basic Info.

  1. Desc.: Machining Casting, casting with CNC
  2. Material: Mn13 or as customers’ request
  3. Place of Origin: HangZhou
  4. Means of Transport: Ocean, Air, Land
  5. Package:plywood case
  6. Delivery Date: 20-25days after order confirmation
  7. Payment terms: T/T, L/C, D/P all acceptable
  8. Shipping terms: FOB HangZhou


Products application Pumps and pump equipment
farm machinery
Industrial machinery
machine tools
manifolds and pistions
power generation
Other machinery part

As a professional casting manufacturer, we have our own CNC machining centers. We can supply the customers various complex geometry castings and precision machining as per customers’ drawing requirement.
We are able to provide the customers ‘ one-stop’ service from the initial development to mass production.
If you have any needs, welcome to contact with us.

Part of our products’ list:

P/N    description
0S0130    pin
1171732    hub 8P1851 bigger bolt hole
1B8721    key
1B8724    key
1B8742    key
1B8744    key
1F5151    dowel
1H8330    lock
1H8382    gear
1H8396    bushing
1H8397    ring  
1H8937    drum brake
1K6543    pin
1K6555    end adjustment yoke
1M4102    plug
1M9177    plate
1M9444    retainer
1P1566    shaft  
1P1567    shaft
1P1636    lever
1P1637    lever
1P3318    strip wear
1P7590    support
1S5331    cylinder recoil
1S8734    bracket  
1S8735    bracket  
1S8764    ring flywheel
1T0064    carrier
1T571    gear
1T571    retainer bearing
1T0447    carrier
1W7601    flywheel
1W7611    flywheel
2B8824    drum
2H4386    plate
2H4406    spring
2H4438    stud
2H4450    washer
2H4482    collar
2H4498    shaft
P/N    description
2H5046    link-forged
2H5047    roller f/w clutch
2H5048    link-forged
2J5462    trunnion
2M0125    cylinder recoil
2M2290    bracket f/w clutch
2P0347    plug
2P3423    pinion
2P3424    GEAR
2P3425    pinion
2P7984    yoke
2P9038    drum
2S3946    GEAR
2S4364    retainer
2S4365    retainer
2S5551    coupling
2S7062    SHAFT
2S7099    hub
2S7527    flange
2S7603    drum
3H2645    washer
3H2646    pin  
3H7347    lock adjuster
3J6559    cap
3J6560    SCREW
3J6561    SCREW
3K7124    retainer
3P1459    recoil spring
3P4157    yoke
3P6318    flange
3T1898    drum
3T1899    drum
3T1921    drum
4B4341    rivet
4F4585    plug
4F6066    guard
4H4571    plate
4J6374    bearing sleeve
4K6736    drum brake
4N8591    coupling

Our equipment:

Type: Universal Type
Transmission: Power Transmission
Walking Mode: Crawler
Load and Unload Method: Rear Dump
Certification: ISO9001: 2000
Condition: New
US$ 100/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Shaft Collar

Types of Shaft Collars

Quick-clamp shaft collars

Quick-clamp shaft collars are a convenient option for tightening and loosening shafts. Unlike traditional bolts, quick clamps do not require any tools to install and adjust them. These collars come with flush handles and are designed to reduce production downtime. They also feature high-strength tension adjustment screws for compatibility with a wider range of shaft tolerances.
Quick-clamp shaft collars are offered in a variety of styles. CZPT, for example, offers a unique style of quick-clamp shaft collars with an integral lever. This lever sits flush against the outside diameter and is finger actuated. In addition, this design includes a tension-adjustment screw that can be adjusted according to the application’s requirements. Another style of quick-clamp shaft collar is a one-piece clamping collar with an integrated handle. It is ideal for low-rpm applications, and is designed to be a quick and simple solution for frequent shaft changeovers.
Quick-clamp shaft collars have an adjustable locking force generated by an eccentric lever and are very easy to install. They are available in one and two-piece clamp-type styles, and come in more than thirty standard sizes. They are available with round, square, and threaded bores. Additionally, you can choose to have them painted or customized.

Single split shaft collars

Single split shaft collars are a common choice for new installations. They provide easy installation and disassembly, which helps to minimize labor and downtime. They are also designed with full seating torque of the set screws, which evenly distributes forces throughout the shaft circumference. As a result, they provide greater holding power.
These shaft collars are available in various materials. They are typically made from different types of steel, including stainless steel and aluminium steel. They can also be made from nylon. The latter is available with different finishes, including black oxide. These are also available in custom sizes. These shaft collars are made to fit specific applications.
Single split shaft collars are available in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of shaft diameters, from 1/8″ to 4 15/16″. The material used for the shaft should be softer than the material used for the set screw. They are marked with the bore size and are available in non-plated, chrome-plated, and black oxide coated materials.
Heavy-duty shaft collars are designed to hold a large amount of torque. They are available in two-piece clamp and one-piece clamp styles and offer up to 25 percent more holding force than standard collars. They are also available in a variety of materials, including proprietary black oxide finish, 1215 lead-free steel, 303 stainless steel, and high-strength 2024 aluminum.
Single split shaft collars are generally easy to install and remove. The design of these collars allows the shaft to fit into it evenly, which improves holding power. They also eliminate the need to remove or disassemble other components of the shaft. Additionally, they are easy to adjust and can work with virtually any shaft.
Single split shaft collars come in two-piece and one-piece styles. One-piece shaft collars are simpler to install and do not damage the shaft. Clamp-style collars are easy to use and do not require tools. They are designed to be hand-adjustable. These collars are recommended for light-duty applications. They are available in a wide range of threaded bore sizes. They also come in various styles, including ring-style and set-screw collars.
Shaft Collar

Set-screw shaft collars

Set-screw shaft collars are made of different materials, including steel, aluminum, and zinc plated steel. They are available in various widths and sizes. They can be used in aerospace, defense, and construction applications. Some types are standard, while others are custom-made.
A shaft collar has three primary functions: it holds a component in place, locates the component on a shaft, and creates an attachment between the shaft and another component. The design of a shaft collar depends on several factors, including the material, diameter, and geometry of the shaft.
One of the most common uses of shaft collars is to secure bearings and sprockets to shafts. In some cases, they also act as mechanical stops. For example, a two-piece clamp collar will wrap around the shaft without leaving any marks, while a set-screw collar will lock onto a shaft with a set screw. These types of collars can be used on predrilled and soft shafts.
Another advantage of set screw shaft collars is that they can be manufactured in a lightweight style for space-constrained applications. Another benefit is their ability to hold twice as much load as standard shaft collars. These collars are also available with a keyway, which makes them suitable for shafts with a key.
Another advantage of set-screw shaft collars is their safety. They were invented in the recessed socket screw industry and have become an industry standard. They prevent the shaft from sliding and causing a flanged bearing to come out. They are easy to install and remove, and they are ideal for light-duty applications.
Clamp style shaft collars are also available in one-piece and two-piece designs. This type of collar is unique in that it can be removed without damaging the shaft. They are also adjustable and can fit virtually any shaft. Their clamping force is evenly distributed around the shaft, so they are significantly safer than set screw collars, which use point-contact clamps.
Shaft Collar

Hinge shaft collars

The International series is a two-piece shaft collar with metric outer diameters, metric widths, and inch bores. These collars are suitable for many different types of applications, and are available in a variety of materials and bore sizes. They are available in 1215 lead-free steel with black oxide finish, high strength 2024 aluminum, and 303 stainless steel.
Custom Hinged Shaft Collars are a great choice for applications requiring quick and easy adjustment, especially in remote locations. They are available in a variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. You can even get custom-made collars for unusually shaped shafts.
Hinge shaft collars are similar to two-piece shaft collars in many ways. They allow easy disassembly and reassembly along the shaft and are usually the preferred choice in harsh environments. Hinge shaft collars have a simple design, allowing them to be installed quickly and easily. They also provide superior holding power. If you’re considering a hinge shaft collar for your application, it is important to consider how it will be used.
Hinge shaft collars serve as precise stops and spacers for different laboratory equipment. They can also be used on plastic, glass, and thin-walled tubes. They are often used in medical equipment, where the need for accuracy is paramount. They also serve as guides in optical measuring instruments. They are also useful in trucks and off-road vehicles, where they serve as mechanical stops.
Hinge shaft collars can be purchased in two-piece or one-piece designs. They can be adjusted using a single screw or lever. They can be installed and removed without causing any damage to the shaft. Unlike set screw collars, they don’t require tools. This makes them ideal for applications where access to the shaft is difficult or impossible. The advantages of these collars include improved safety and security.
China Professional Casting Parts with CNC Process Bearing Shaft 5m5004   d bore shaft collarChina Professional Casting Parts with CNC Process Bearing Shaft 5m5004   d bore shaft collar
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